SMT Test Repair

What we do

•  Sell New/Used SMT Machines

•  Repair Pick and Place machines Samsung/Hanwha,

Heller Reflow Ovens & Service Aqueous tech Batch Cleaners

•  Refurbish SMT Machines

•  Feeder Repair/Service for Samsung,Fuji & Juki

•  SMT Machine Rigging

•  Decommissioned Machine RECYCLE / Pick Up

•  Pack / Crate Machines for Ocean & Land.

•  SHIP Worldwide

•  Competitive Quotes for:

        •  Packing

        •  Crating

        •  Shipping in the U.S. 

        • Shipping Overseas

Porltand Oregon

Who are we

SMT Devices is proud to be a part of the Silicon Forest region of Portland, Oregon.

We have been in business for 17+yrs providing cost effective PCB Assembly & SMT

(Surface Mount Technology) equipment solutions to company’s world-wide. We sell

and service new and used Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly Equipment. Repair &

service SMT feeders, machines and Reflow Ovens . We also refurbish SMT series

Aqueous Technologies Batch Cleaners. We provide professional packing, crating,

rigging and hipping services from small to large items and equipment . Packing can

be done at our facility or customer’s facility depending on the individual job

requirement. Over the Years we have established relationships with several freight

forwarders and trucking companies to get the most economical rates to ship your

items domestically and Internationally. Let us help you with your packing and

shipping needs. We also have trucks and forklifts/rigging equipment to do

nationwide facility moves. We treat your equipment as our own and take

utmost care to minimize and eliminate any damages during the move.

Let us know how we can be of service

to your company.

Industry and ManufacturersIndustry & Mfgr's
We service a wide variety of markets including EMS (Electronic
Manufacturing Services Industry), Automotive Industry,
Medical Equipment Manufacturing Industry, OEMs (Original
Equipment Manufacturers) and Renewable Energy
& Exploration Industries to name a few. We carry SMT
equipment from the most respectable global manufacturers
such as :
• Philips/Assembleon/Yamaha
• Juki Automation • Samsung/Hanwha
•  Fuji Automation • Panasonic Automation
• Heller Industries  • BTU International
• Speedline Technologies/MPM
• ASM SMT Solutions (DEK - Siemens)
• Trek Industries • Aqueous Technologies