SMT-PCB Conveyor Belts & Timing Belts

SMT Conveyor Belt and Timing Belts
We Build Conveyor Belts & Timing Belts

We have been making new conveyor belts and timing belts for our Tier 1 customers for the past 7yrs.

SMT Conveyor Belt and Timing Belt
Belts for Surface Mount & PCB Industry

We're excited to open our specialized service to the SMT and PCB industry. Long/Short belts, Flat Belts, with teeth or smooth etc...

              Conveyor ESD Anti-Static Belt
Send Us Your Conveyor Belt

Send us your Printed Circuit Board - PCB - SMT Conveyor Belt and we will make a new belt ! We also make New ESD - Anti-static Flat Belts for PCB - SMT Board Handling Equipment.